Reflections from 2020

I’ve been thinking about this post for the past couple of days, mulling over words and stringing together sentences in my mind. How can we describe this once-in-a-century season adequately? It has been so rich and so treacherous and so heartbreaking and so full of hope all at the same time.

I filled seven journals this year. Seven journals of prayers and tears and lessons and love. Seven journals of my thoughts to God and God’s thoughts back to me. Seven journals of stories and wisdom and frustration and faith. I spent NYE reading through the pages and I’ve captured below the experiences and truths that have settled deep into my soul from 2020:

  • The wilderness reinforces our identity.
    A story that captured my heart all year is in Matthew 4. Jesus, after being affirmed by his dad (God), is led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness. He endures 40 days with no food and no friends (aka March/April 2020 quarantine — just kidding) and then he’s tested by the devil. He’s tested to reveal his strength, not his weakness. He overcomes the devil’s deception with the truth and proclaims his provision, power and protection are found in God alone. People could say that 2020 was a wilderness year. I partially agree, but I believe whatever was exposed in our hearts — whatever weakness creeped up — there was and still is an incredible opportunity to find our strength in God. His majesty is so beautiful when we see what he has done for us. And as we see him rightly, we see ourselves rightly and our identity is solidifed in our souls.

I bless you as you reflect on your 2020 and pray for a filling of hope as you envision 2021. Happy New Year!




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